You know when your photo is a masterpiece; a perfect moment caught in time, framed with love.

We know full well the perfect frame needs that special place in your home and sometimes we need to work around that perfect frame to curate an ideal space.

Lifestyle website Refinery29 searched high and low for the best décor sites and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Whatever is stylistically essential to you – modern chic, sustainability, bespoke, etc. – the possibilities are virtually endless! And all so you can spend more time on you, taking more photos, and designing your new Shangri-la.

Once you’ve pulled your space together, it’s time again to find another Gopoze frame for your next gorgeous photo. Click here to browse through our diverse collections or, with your hi-res photo available, get started now.

(Photo courtesy of Refinery29 and HD Buttercup.)