When The Shape of Water took home four golden Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards, including the coveted Best Picture Oscar, we were reminded there was once a time mid-century design was only in its infancy. We have come so far since.

Characterized by its straight lines, clean appearance, and use of traditional materials, especially wood, mid-century modern design leans lovingly toward function over fancy, and for this it’s considered particularly sophisticated. Think Don Draper’s home and office in Mad Men.


Our Ava 1 ⅝” Rosewood offers a neutral tone that isn’t too dark next to your “pretzel chair.” And if your executive-style desk glows with a rich cherry, we recommend the Ava 2 ¾” Mahogany for a match made in heaven.

By the 1960s, mid-century design had dominated interior and product design for almost 30 years and was entering its final lap. A resurgence occurred (thankfully) in the ’80s, and today this minimalist style is an understated, enduring trend in modern design.



We think French novelist Alphonse Karr sums up the design’s revival perfectly. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

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