Whether you’re a framing aficionado, artwork obsessed, or simply love adorning your walls with precious moments, you feel the urge to fill that empty space in your home with something beautiful. But what do you do when there are so many pieces to choose from? You frame it all!

We’re only partially kidding here, as you may have the perfect space for a gallery wall. Call them “wall groupings” or “frame clusters,” we don’t mind. Either way, you’ll open up your home to new and gorgeous possibilities! If you love the photos below, find all of them and more on the Gopoze Instagram page here.


Standard gallery wall (source: @yourdiyfamily Instagram)

Find the Symmetry

A standard arrangement of frames and artwork crafts a story. Notice how the frames do not all match either. This standard arrangement is offset by its youthful themes and storytelling. The general rule for consistency of spacing between pieces is between two and three inches.


Corner wall gallery (source: @nicoledavisinteriors Instagram)

Find the Unsymmetrical

The opposite is true and looks just as stylish. Notice the consistency of black frames with a variety of mat sizes. Clearly the designer appreciates the simplicity of the black and white design palette and has taken to decorating their common area with a more creative layout. Stairway galleries are a popular place as well.


Ledge gallery wall (source: @citysage Instagram)

So Fresh and So Lean

Not all gallery walls need to hang out. They are perfectly placed on a shelf or ledge, a trend easily spotted in most modernly designed spaces. Cluster – not clutter – is key, so be sure to use a variety of sizes, staggering the grouping until you find your moment of zen. (Believe us, you’ll know.)


Wall and ledge gallery (source: @lucyjwhitehouse Instagram)

Mix and Matchmaker

When all is said and done, your home is the proverbial canvas. When you mix paintings with photos and inspirational words, and curate your own placement – in this case a large picture accompanied by two ledge galleries – your wall galleries are the simply gorgeous extended expression of the unique beauty of your home.

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