What, for you, is art? Digital magazine Mental Floss offers a host of suggestions by the masters of art from over the centuries in 27 Responses to the Question “What is Art?” that could help you discover the answer.


Gallery wall of various artists (source: The Artist Project Toronto, Facebook)

But at the Artist Project Toronto 2018, which wrapped up last weekend, you may have come that much closer to defining it for yourself. With artwork from over 250 established contemporary artists and designers from around the world, saying there was something for everyone was undoubtedly an understatement.


Canvas gallery wall (source: BlogTO)

Whether you respond to art as creative expression, a reflection of society, or with a strong emotional connection, an effective piece of art elevates the space it occupies. As a focal point, its colors can pull accents from your artisan rug and furnishings. It can take a room from functional to finished. Reversely it can be the inspiration that blossoms your interior design ideas.


Gallery wall of photography (source: BlogTO)

Whatever your taste – whatever art is for you – there’s no question what art does for your home: Art lifts.

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