If imagination fuels design, then kids have it pretty easy. A child can turn the most ordinary object into pure magic. So before they head back to school, we say use this time to channel your own creativity into your child’s room and create a space that will inspire them to thrive.



Light frames are a fantastic choice that brighten up a room and give all the attention to your artwork or photography. A fresh white frame is always a simple, beautiful addition to your child’s room.

Even in a dark room, the Jaden 3/4″ Opaque Milk is clean. It stands out even more when placed in a room with lots of natural light.



If you’re looking for a statement piece, we recommend a gorgeous canvas with the Jaden 3/8” Milk. A grand textured canvas of a favorite moment with your son or daughter is a beautiful gift to see every day. Against a muted color your piece will definitely take center stage.



Color splash! Use the Arlo 3/4″ Rouge Shine at the start of your child’s rainbow book arrangement all the way to the Arlo in Lavendar Shine. The Arlo frame in candy apple red is a bold, vibrant addition to your child’s décor that supports fun and function.

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