Fallen leaves aside, it could be the crisp morning chill that reminds us most of fall. For some, it’s the snap of biting into a fresh McIntosh handpicked straight from the tree. But for some of us here it’s a gentle hug and the familiar laughter of loved ones that remind us of fall because fall brings family together.

Celebrate both family and fall by capturing your favorite fall moments in a wall frame that brings the best of the season into your home. The Jaden 1 1/2” in Chocolate is a sleek, polished frame with a classic style, perfectly suited for your contemporary décor with a fall motif.

Where intimacy and comfort are key factors in a family setting, Chocolate brown is the ideal color for setting the right tone. After all it is a neutral tone currently trending.

However you spend time with family this fall, keep your memories close to your heart and in a Gopoze frame perfect for you.

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