Sometimes the best place to decorate is the last place you’d expect. It’s easy to neglect a space (we’re looking at you laundry room) or ignore it’s potential for something special, so we’ve found creative rooms that pop to add a little extra inspo to your day.


(Source: Kitchen in Essex, England,


Less of an unusual room than an unconventional place within the room, we love the artwork at eye level – perfectly placed to stay dry and gorgeous. Plus, it’s always nice to have something beautiful to look at while you’re doing the dishes or prepping a meal.


(Source: Artwork above soaker tub, Marie Flanigan Interiors, Instagram)


Let’s be clear – we do not recommend hanging art in the shower. However, we’re completely taken with the beautiful view hanging over this soaker tub. Accessorizing a polished gilt frame with the bath faucet and towel rack? Good vibes only, indeed.


(Source: Stylish laundry room,

Laundry Room

Easily forgettable when it comes to updating decor, your laundry room regularly becomes a fixture of function over fashion. But one look at this modern glam update – complete with a ledge gallery – and we’re cheering, Applauso applauso!

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