There’s something about the longer days and warmer nights that puts a little bounce in our step. And after digging into Dwell Magazine’s 7 Effortless Ways to Infuse Metallics Into Your Home, we’re giving you some unique ways to mix a little shine into your home décor.



It’s hard to find anything that can outshine the Jaden 1 1/8” Gold. Pair with a leafy green plant for a dynamic look and let the natural lush elements add a little extra luxe to your décor.



Don’t let the snowy scenery fool you! The Jaden 1 7/8” Silver, while a cooler metallic, still brightens up your space. Contrasted against exposed brick or distressed flooring, this frame is perfect for the shabby-chic connoisseur.



Let’s call this our gilt-y pleasure. The Jaden in gilt was our inaugural Stylist Pick last year and it’s easy to see why. Warm and luminous, the Jaden 1 1/2” Gilt is the simplest way to glam up all of your treasured moments.

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