Warm summer vibes mean it’s the perfect time to grab your bestie and head to your favorite weekend getaway – the cottage.

Cottage homes have come a long way from the traditional style we like to refer to as the glorified log cabin, and the best part about modern cottage living is of course the seemingly endless interior design possibilities that make your getaway space a home away from home.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to update your cottage style.


Traditional cottage interior (source: www.southernliving.com)


Traditional Country

Why mess with a good thing? Traditional country style is exactly what you need to remember that you’ve left the hustle and bustle behind. Plus if you’re looking for a versatile décor option that can handle a variety of design elements it’s the perfect choice.


Beach house love of coastal décor (source: Pinterest, Beach Cottage Style)


While more beach house than lake house, we can’t argue with soft blues that make us feel as though we’ve been whisked away to a sandy oasis, even if we’re indoors.


A more rustic approach to a traditional cottage room (source: Homenimalist.com)



Bringing the “Great Outdoors” inside has always been a go-to cottage décor technique and those guilty of lodge love will find themselves right at home.


Floral interior design (source: Style Wise by Debra)



If rustic doesn’t quite speak to your fashionable side – perhaps you’re looking for something a little lighter or maybe it’s a bit too masculine for your taste – floral is a beautiful way to brighten up your cottage space.


Bohemian cottage design (source: Pinterest)



What better way to settle in for the night than curl up with a warm woven blanket in front of the fireplace? Fans of #boho design usually resort to the style’s ability to bring an eclectic coziness to just about any space, not to mention that sense of nostalgia we could all use a little more of.


Decorative stairway (source: Pinterest, Stairwell Ideas)


Stairway decor

Give some love to the one place in your cottage that may not always get the attention it deserves, but should. Your stairway is one of the best spots to hang memorable moments and photographs of the special times you’ve shared at the cottage.

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