With the kids back at school you may find most of your time is filled making meals and helping with homework, with little time left for yourself and your home. Have you ever wondered whether you’d be good at improv, now’s a great time to find out (and we’re sure you are).

Here’s a great article that provides 16 simple pointers on how to make your space more luxurious. Here are our top favorites we hope will help with making time for your home easier.

Some Assembly Required

If you’re looking to decorate a blank space with a gallery wall, trace your framed art using craft paper. It’s all up to your imagination, and now you can move segments into any arrangement for the perfect gallery wall.

Shelf It

High on artwork but low on space? Try a ledge gallery! This type of accessory allows you to play with your arrangement while keeping your wall safe.

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Channel Your Best Gallery

We love this last suggestion which depends on whether you have a wall-mounted TV. Not only do we love the idea of framing your TV – the more slender your TV the better – we simply adore surrounding it with framed artwork and photography to create a unique gallery wall with a single frame literally brought to life.

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