In an ever-changing world, we’re always on the go and slowing down to be present for the moment has never been more important. It’s no wonder then that paint authority Behr has announced “In The Moment” blue as their first-ever color of the year.

Whether you’re painting the kitchen or an exterior wall, this blue is subtle and unforgettable. A shade with virtually endless versatility can bring a special harmony to almost any room and pair seamlessly with a variety of design styles. Think of it as the perfect finishing touch and lovely way to complement your space.

In keeping with a cooler tone, we recommend decorating with the stylish Jaden 1 1/2″ Metal, a formal choice that lends a contemporary, calming glow to modern surroundings.



For a bolder look, match with the Jaden 3/4” Chocolate – a warmer color that, when paired with In The Moment, still ensures your space is a haven for relaxation and balance.



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