Keeping our office spaces beautiful can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Memos, files, cords … who has time to decorate when there’s no time to organize? Well, we’re here to offer a few ways to do both so your workspace stays fresh and organized.



(source: Home desk with a lovely ledge gallery wall @diyplaybook, Instagram)


To say The DIY Playbook made the most of their space is an understatement. Minimal space meant maximizing creativity and they found a creative way to secure lamp wires which freed up their corner desk made that much more lovely with two ledge galleries. Read more of their blog here.


(source: Gorgeous workspace by @itsjadetho, Instagram)

Hello darling, indeed. We’re not entirely sure how the desk was organized, but we just want to do our part by sharing this absolutely stunning #officeinspo.


(source: Black and white with warm browns color this desk corner, @letsgetyouorganized, Instagram)

This is how we want to start every day. Now this image isn’t necessarily using the frame to hide any cords, but we think it’s a perfect example of how you could use a frame to hide your cords. When style meets function, you create a fashionable space that lets you focus your attention where it’s needed most.

Find the perfect Gopoze frame to adorn your workspace here.