We’ve touted the allure of the Lola 1 1/2″ Electric Red before, most notably during Valentine’s Day, but its appeal comes from its versatility especially during the holidays.

A beaded wood frame with a stunning, high gloss finish, Lola is entirely dynamic. It’s a photo frame that suits those occasions that show just how much you care (as mentioned Valentine’s Day), fun (a birthday for a teenage sibling or BFF), and of course, it makes the perfect festive gift to keep your home décor merry and bright.



Let’s also not forget that sometimes our nearest and dearest aren’t always able to make it for the holidays, but that’s doesn’t mean we can’t keep a special place for them.

Whether as a decorative dinner piece, a feature in your holiday card display, or among your poinsettia arrangement on the fireplace mantel, Lola is a wonderful addition to your home décor that keeps those we love close to home during the time we cherish them most.

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