Last week’s blog was all about a space for kids to thrive. This week, it’s all about you.

Apartment Therapy has a fantastic article on how to create a space centered on mindfulness, and that’s exactly the kind of space you deserve.



Whether it’s your personal Escape Room or creative oasis, we believe everyone should have a space to call their very own. And no need to devote an entire room to your own private retreat – a work desk with a framed dream board or a cozy corner in your favorite chair works perfectly too.

Decorate with love and make it yours. Remember that even though it’s fun to get caught up in the design, it’s about the look and the feel. Think not only on how you want the space to look, but how you want it to make you feel. Do you want to feel calm and serene? Joyful and appreciative? How about fierce and empowered?



Sure, a picture can tell a thousand words but sometimes one meaningful sentence can make a world of difference. Embrace the power of positive affirmations. Framing meaningful words can allow you to stay inspired and love your space that much more. Go ahead, carpe diem.

In a story about decluttering, Apartment Therapy also recommends ditching art that no longer speaks to you. TRUTH. There’s no shame in doing away with artwork you’re no longer invested in. As our thoughts, goals, and passions change, so should our art. Tune into those feelings and the art will follow.



So before the summer ends, gift yourself somewhere just for you, where your dreams and inspirations are just a room away.

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