Even if you haven’t refreshed your Instagram feed lately, you should still have noticed your friends and celebrities posting photos basking in the sun on secluded beaches or getting lost within remote backcountry woods, and while I can’t speak for everyone, getting “back to nature” as a means of meditation and rejuvenation has become the touchstone of contemporary travel photography.


You’ve chronicled your getaway, but why leave your precious photo of such an important moment sitting in social media? Recapture that moment of renewal each day in a beautiful frame.


Last week in The Wire, we featured the Ava collection as the perfect complement to your mid-century modern design style. This week we recommend the Ava 1 ½” Ebony for your travel photography. This black frame fits effortlessly into your modern décor, while its rustic design enriches your nature-loving travel photo. This is also available in the wider Ava 2 ¾” Ebony and as the Ava 1 ½” Ebony wall frame.




Leaning more toward traditional rustic? The Ebony 1 ½” Brown is our one and only. With a one-of-a-kind color and heavy grains, the Ebony is as unique as your adventure.



Is your style modern through and through? Check out the Jaden 2 3/4″ Champagne which we selected for this week’s cover photo. Make your travel photo a statement of who you are with this frame.



Getting lost in wanderlust can be a revitalizing experience worth remembering. Cherish that moment in your home everyday with the perfect Gopoze frame.


Find your favorite Gopoze frame here.