Not even two weeks into 2018 and you’ve already broken all those ambitious New Year’s resolutions. Don’t feel so down, you’re not alone! As it turns out, less than 10 percent of any resolutions are kept by year’s end.

So, how do the faithful stay on track? Make it visible; if you see it, you will do it. Besides, surrounding yourself with bright and bold, positive messages gives both you and your décor a quick refresher!

“Do Good. Receive Good.” “Seize the day.” “Make It Happen.” All great, positive reminders to help keep you on track. Consider how we manage our resolutions may make all the difference in how we keep our resolutions.

Use the opportunity to commit to your resolution by creating it as a work of art. In a beautiful wall frame, your resolution can be the daily reminder you need to take action toward your goal. However you wish to express your resolution in a frame, the Jaden ¾” Midnight Shine complements your artwork or expression without distraction. Your goal is the focal point. See your goal each day and inspire yourself.

So maybe you broke a resolution or two. It’s never too late to start again. Find something that inspires you and go for it.

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