When decorating a space, we’re all guilty of organizing around the furniture we already own. But after an article by Homes To Love, we’re inspired to create a perfect space with our favorite artwork as our starting point.

Creating a space with artwork has a number of beautiful benefits. Other than the obvious benefit of hanging an art piece that connects with you, you have the creative freedom to assemble a room that resonates in a meaningful way. Think of the possibilities of starting with something of an accessory and building around it. Imagine how the entire room pulls together in style and substance because it all began with a meaningful piece of art.

Seasonal artwork may not be your first choice – unless you have a sofa for each season of the year – so steer towards artwork you can hang throughout the year.

Your artwork will then become a focal point for your room and an instant topic of conversation (which should be the envy of all your friends).

If the suggestion of expanding your décor from a single work of art isn’t ambitious enough, consider using your artwork to expand a gallery wall. Drop in smaller frames around your artwork and watch as your piece grows into a gallery wall both personal and monumental.

If you decide to give it a shot, please let us know. All we ask is you start small and dream big.

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