You’re up-to-date on the latest trends. You spend hours online searching for that perfect accent for your hot new spring décor. Your homepage is House Beautiful. You are a bona fide design guru.

Art Deco and Mid-century Modern are the two hot interior design styles trending for 2019. (But you already knew that.) So to accompany your design we have two frames we think will perfectly complete your trending interior style.



The Dylan 2’ wall frame in Gilded Gold Leaf expresses a traditional style deftly suited for a modern Art Deco design. What’s old is new – and trendy – again. Plus we think the gold leaf is simply timeless.



On the other hand, if Mid-century Modern design suits your style more, we love the Jaden in Chocolate in canvas. Sometimes overlooked, we love how the rich texture of canvas adds another incredible layer to the natural materials and simplicity of Mid-century Modern design. We think it’s a purely natural pairing.

Creating a Gopoze frame is easy with only three simple steps. 1) Upload your hi-res digital image. 2) Select a picture perfect frame. 3) Display your masterpiece.

Stay trending with a Gopoze frame perfect for your latest style – find your perfect frame here.